June 29, 2011

Thunderbird 5.0 Available for Download


I always use the FileHippo Update Checker to check if the software installed on my PC has a newer version. I was surprised to find out that Thunderbird has a version 5.0 already. They didn’t released a version 4.0 I guess.

I’ve been using Thunderbird as my email client for ages. I’m a fan of both Thunderbird and Firefox (thus the big icons of these two software on the right-side of my blog). I also believe in their motto that the Internet should be free and accessible to everyone. Thus, they’re making software that we can use free of charge (as opposed to the products of Microsoft). So, instead of using MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or Outlook Express, I use Thunderbird.


The best feature that Thunderbird has is it’s easy setup. You don’t need to know the SMTP and POP3 server of the email address that you’re using. You just need to enter your name (that you would like to appear on the email), the email address and password that you’re using and you’re all set! Also, it works with almost all the free email address that I know (as well as the paid email address and those that comes from ISP like AT&T).

I currently have 24 email address setup in my Thunderbird! How about you, what email client are you using?

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