June 24, 2011

“Falcon” and “PinoyMonkeyPride”

Our product trainer cancelled our class today due to tropical depression “Falcon”. I was surprised since there is no typhoon signal for Metro Manila. I remember that during the “Ondoy”, it’s work as usual. Probably because, we’re still not on the Production Floor yet, so it’s not an urgent matter to resume our Product Training today.

So I have extra time to read what my friends are posting on their Facebook walls. There’s a new, Anti-Pnoy videos on YouTube made by a certain PinoyMonkeyPride. I admire how the videos are made. The creator knows a lot about Movie Maker or whatever software was used to make the videos. He even incorporated Jose Rizal and the Angry Birds in his videos to explain his comment on the Aquinos (yes, including late President Cory Aquino).

I had a few exchange of comments regarding the videos with my wavemates. I view the videos as being made specially for the Aquinos. I wonder who’s behind these latest anti-Government videos.

I don’t agree on the message of the videos against Pnoy. I believe that the current President is doing his job well. I also believe that whatever poverty the Philippines and the Filipinos are experiencing right now is not to be blamed entirely on the Government. After all, we are still responsible, as individuals, to our own happiness and status in the society. I believe the Government has done a great deal for me, in education, health, and other factors.

I also believe in John F. Kennedy’s words: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country”.

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