February 5, 2011

"Tortang Talong"

This is definitely one of my favorite Filipino food. It's called "tortang talong" -- "talong" is the Filipino word for eggplant and "torta" is something you mix with eggs before frying. The eggplant is boiled first then the outer skin is removed. Then some eggs will be mixed in a bowl and then the "unskinned" eggplant is dipped into the bowl before frying. The result is a soft and tender eggplant wrapped with eggs similar to omelet.

You can also add grounded beef to your egg mixture to make your "tortang talong" more delicious.

I admit that I'm terrible when describing foods and food preparation but I hope you find the picture quite convincing on how delicious this local Filipino food is. I hope Oreo likes this one too.

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  1. This is yummy. One of my favorite viands,.

  2. Yeah, I love "Tortang Talong" so much! Thanks for visiting edward!