February 20, 2011

G-Shock DW-9052

The last time I had a watch was 10 years ago. It’s a simple Swiss pocket watch. When the cellular phones became a part of Filipino lives, I’ve abandoned the traditional watch in exchange for the clock feature that all cellular phones have.


Last January 16, when I received a payment (from a loan) in the amount of P3,577, the first thing I thought of buying was a watch. Probably I got tired of looking at my cellular phone’s clock or I simply wanted an accessory. I also thought of having a watch as a constant reminder not to hurt the ones I love (Oreo in particular). So, I went to SM Megamall, and looked for a watch. I was a fan of the G-Shock series way back in college so I decided to have one. Plus, Time Trend (the watch store) have 10% discount on their watches.

So I purchased the G-Shock DW-9052 for just P3,200 and I love it so much. It’s simple, it’s digital, it has stop watch feature (to help me avoid being over-break at work) and like all G-Shock models, you can still look at the time even if it’s dark because of the Illuminator feature.


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