August 15, 2010


Gays are not usually into gadgets. So when I met Oreo last year, I don’t have the slightest idea that he’s into gadgets.
I love gadgets. I’m into collecting laptops (I tend to give my laptop to my relatives on a yearly basis). It started with a Lenovo G400 which we purchased (through BPI Installment Madness) way back in 2008. It was soon followed by an Acer Aspire One (generation 1) with Linpus Linux OS and a 10” LCD screen. After that, we also purchased the Compaq CQ20, a 12” laptop. I’ve given all those laptops away to my nephew, niece and sister-in-law.
Now I’m using an Asus K40IJ with a 14” HD (LED) screen. Guess what; I’m planning to give this away once I’m done with the payment (which would end February next year). I’m planning to buy another Lenovo.
I’m also into cellular phones. I started with a Nokia 5110 followed by a 3210. Then comes the 3310, 1100, 3110 classic, 2700 classic, Samsung Corby, and a SE w200i. I’ve already given the 3110 classic, Corby and the w200i. I’m only using the Nokia 2700 classic and I’m planning to replace it with THE ULTIMATE mobile phone: iPhone.
Oreo, on the other hand is planning to have the iPad. He already has an HP Mini as his laptop and a digital camera. His cellphone I believe is also one of the newest models from Nokia. He’s planning also to have another computer with a big LCD monitor (I would have to tell him that LED is the LATEST thing in TV right now).
My Hon’s tech savvy upbringing probably stems from his call center experience as well. He worked as an agent prior to working in Saudi. He’s into Facebook, games, YM and other Internet stuff. His bank account is enrolled in eBanking and he could check his balance by logging in to the website of BDO. That’s how techie my Better Half is.
I can’t wait to be with him, to live with him. I’m looking forward to sharing gadgets with him, going to BPI Installment Madness events, Technology Expo, going to Cyberzone and the entire things tech savvy people do. I love you Oreo!
August 14, 2010

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