January 4, 2011

Philippine Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is the first MMORPG in the Philippines. It took the country by storm 7 years ago. It's similar to World of War Craft wherein you choose a character, kill some monsters to gain experience and have more skills. The goal of the game back then was to reach level 99 and to gain an Aura -- a shining effect on your character.
I first played this game in December 2003 at Chronozone (a computer shop in Bacoor, Cavite). I got hooked to the game ever since.
A common partnership in this game is a Wizard-Priest combination or Hunter-Priest combo. It would be a very big bonus if you have a lover that's into the game as well and you'll ask him to support you. It's actually my dream to have a lover that's into this game. I will be a Priest and support him.
How I wish I could teach Oreo the benefits of this game. How I wish I could someday play it with him.

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