June 2, 2013

The Promise of Oreo

It’s almost 2 years since Oreo and I ended our Long Distance Relationship. Our story that started in 2009 ended in 2011. The good thing about us is that we remain friends. In fact, we keep on sending each other messages, either via Facebook or Twitter.

My love for Oreo will always be there. We may never be lovers again but we’re definitely friends. We often tease each other about getting back to each other’s arms but that’s not a possibility at this time. First, he’s still in Saudi Arabia and I’m still here in Manila. Second, I really don’t know if he still loves me as a boyfriend or will he ever love me again. Our break-up was also traumatic to me and I can’t say for sure if I would say “Yes” if he ask me to be his lover again.

France and New Zealand recently allowed gay marriage in these countries and I’m teasing him into getting married in those countries. I’m also teasing him to give me a cellphone with Instagram capabilities and he said he’ll give me one. The question is, when will he return?

I’m glad that we’re still good friends in spite of what happened.

free cp from oreo 2

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