October 6, 2020

More Pinoy BL Series

In my previous article, I forgot to mention "Amore", "Quaranthings" and “Boy’s Lockdown” in the list of on-going Pinoy BL Series.

"Amore" stars Drei Arias and Erwin Buenaventura, Ivan Sarte, French Solano and Jules Indiola. Check out the trailer below:



"Quaranthings" stars Royce Cabrera as Rocky and Kyo Quijano as Judah. Here’s the trailer:



This time, let's look at the trailer of "Boy's Lockdown" starring Ali King and Alec Kevin:

“Boy’s Lockdown”


Now there's another YouTube video that shows more upcoming Pinoy BL series including:

More Pinoy BL Series coming 2020 and 2021


"Kumusta Bro?" starring Sky Quizon, RJ Agustin, Kristof Garcia and Allen Cecilio

"Hook Up" starring Marky Erasga and JC Lopez (a TikToker)

"Very Truly Yours" starring Marky Erasga (again?) Wex Andre and Robin Hanrath

"Sakristan" Part 2 starring Clifford Pusing and Henry Villanueva

"Meet Me In Bangkok"

"My Extraordinary" starring Enzo Santiago and Darwin Yu

"A Kiss To Remember" starring Z Mejia, Christian Estrada, Philip Dulla and Kayden Soriano

"Where We Were" starring Wex Andre (again?), Revil and Marky Erasga (not again)

"My Day The Series" (on-going) starring Aki Torres and Miko Gallardo

"Oh Mando" starring Alex Diaz and Kokoy de Santos (of "Gameboys")

"Oh My Sexual" starring Arkin del Rosario

"Oh My Gee!" starring Adrian Dionisio and Jam Morales

"Better Days" starring Benedix Ramos and Chesther Chua

"My Troll Lover" starring EJ Jallorina and Benjamin Lim

"Memories of Forgetting"


"The Heart Accent Lamp"

"BTween" starring Kent Martin, Gon Lee, Ark Apinado, Josh Brillantes and Vince Garces

"Unexpected Ikaw at Ako"



"90 Days The Series"


"Boys Next Door"

"My Dream Boy The Musical Series"

"Forever With You The Series"

"The Boy Foretold by the Stars"

"The Lawyer's Love"

2020 is truly a year for Pinoy Boy’s Love series. Thanks to “2gether The Series” by Sarawat and Tine.

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