March 7, 2011

Why I Like Men’s Health

You might be wondering why a gay guy like me would be reading a straight guy’s magazine like Men’s Health. Well, first and foremost, I love the picture of the cover guy, specially if he’s shirtless. Second, I like the health news. Third, I love the article about the cover guy. It’s usually inspirational.
IMG_2402 IMG_2403
The MH Guy List (on the last page) is another reason why I love the magazine. It gives practical advise for every male species (gay guys included).
The only thing I don’t read in Men’s Health are the articles about having sex with girls (for obvious reason that it’s not applicable to me). Everything else on the magazine, I read it.
This month’s Cover Guy Rafael Rosell talks about his life and his attitude of “going against the flow rather than swimming with it”. Here are some lessons that Rosell learned (taken from his interview):
  • Try everything once
  • Find your happy place
  • Share your wisdom
  • Stick with the golden rule
For those lessons, I’m not only making Rafael Rosell an inspiration but a true IDOL. These are some of the reasons why I buy Men’s Health.

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