March 14, 2011

I Love Starbucks

Ever since I became a callboy (a.k.a. call center agent), I have fallen in love – with Starbucks. I became an avid fan since. Before, I wonder why people would spend 150 pesos for a cup of coffee. Then I learned that the coffee itself is wonderful, plus the ambience of the coffee shop. Not to mention that their cakes and pastries are delicious, their tumblers are well-designed, and I love their famous annual Starbucks planner.

My Best Friend Forever (BFF) usually meet at Starbucks Megamall. My usual order is the Strawberry Frappuccino variety, plus some apple pastries.

On the other hand, Oreo is no longer a fan since he already consumed gallons of Starbucks ever since he worked in Saudi Arabia (in 2009). Starbucks coffee is like water to Oreo nowadays since it’s very affordable for him. Unlike me, I only consume Starbucks coffee every payday. It’s my way of pampering myself.

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