March 10, 2011

Cars & Jeepney


I took a shot at some of the vehicles parked at the Picnic Grove and these two vehicles caught my attention – a Jeepney and a Red Car. Jeepney is the most common way of transportation in the Philippines. It’s a modification of the Jeep of World War II. It became the “King of the Road” since and is used mostly as a Public Transportation Vehicle. Thus the term PUJ (Public Utility Jeepney).

Red, in Chinese culture and belief, is a lucky color. It probably explains why there are quite a number of red cars. It was even made famous in the Fita commercial, wherein the guy was rewarded with a Red Sports Car when he helped an fairy disguised as an old lady. The Red Sports Car was just half in form though, since the guy only gave a half Fita (a popular brand of biscuit).

I don’t have a car yet, but I’ll probably pick up Red as well for the color. It’s a total stand-out in the mall’s parking area and on the road. Red means important, emergency… and love.


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