March 16, 2011

I am Number Four at Megamall

My BBF and I went to SM Megamall yesterday and watched the film “I am Number Four”. It’s like a fusion between the alien TV show “Roswell” and “Twilight”.


There were 9 aliens who came to Earth to escape certain death from another alien race. They are the last of their kind. They are being murdered in sequence. He is Number Four, an average blonde-hair, from Florida who’s into jet-skiing and partying with friends. His life made a 360 degrees turn when a scar appeared in his right ankle indicating that his fellow alien, Number Three, was dead.

He had to escape with his guardian to a town named Paradise where he was given a new identity as John Smith and went to the local high school and fell in love with a school mate (this is were the “Twilight” aspect kicks in.) He also made friends with Sam, a UFO enthusiasts. Together, they were able to kill the hunters in their school’s track and field during an intense battle, with the help of Number Six (whose abilities includes teleportation).

Number Four’s alien race has unique capabilities like telekinesis and can emit a blue light through his hands (similar to Iron Man), as opposed to the red light from their enemy race. Their kind also falls in love ONCE (pretty romantic huh?).

Overall, the movie has similar elements to “Roswell” (being hunted to extinction from another race) and “Twilight” (blending in with the crowd in spite of enormous power). It also includes the theme of photography, high school bullies, the X-Files, and male friendship. I loved the film and looking forward to the sequence. I’ve heard it’s based on a novel and would be reading it soon.

I thank my BFF (Best Friend Forever) for accompanying me in movies like this.

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