March 25, 2011

My New HSBC Credit Card

Back in 2001, I used to work for the Honk Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) as a marketing associate. I’m one of those guys who’s asking the mall goers of SM Megamall if they want to have a new HSBC Credit Card. It was March 2001 and there was an Income Tax Filing Booth nearby. I was wearing a white shirt with the letters “HSBC” and denim jeans. I never imagined back then that I would own one.


Yesterday, my new HSBC Credit Card arrived and I was very happy. It’s my second credit card and it’s a Visa. The first credit card I have was a BPI Express Credit (MasterCard). It has a P24,000 credit limit compared to the P30,000 credit limit of my new HSBC card.

It took almost 2 months before I got my card. One month for the processing, and another month for the delivery. It should have taken only 8 days before it got delivered, but our house is a bit hard to find, specially for couriers.


I got the number of the courier agency from the HSBC representative. Then I got the number of the courier himself from the courier agency. I talked to the courier twice and gave instructions on where on Earth our house is.

I was very happy that it was finally delivered. Do you want to know the first item that I purchased using my new card?

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