March 8, 2011

Anton Diva at Punchline

My Aunt will be leaving for the States tomorrow so she made a last gimmick. I accompanied her to Punchline at Quezon Avenue. We were able to see Anton Diva perform. She has a nice voice and can sing well.

It was the 3 cute guys that caught my attention though. Anton and friends chose 3 cute guys among the crowd for an interview and a showdown of dirty dancing. I liked the performance of guy #2 (the one in red). He’s a part-time model and has a girlfriend. Guy #1 (the one with the headgear) has the most beautiful abs among the three.


This is my first time I’ve ever been to a comedy bar. And I haven’t been to a gay bar. It’s quite ironic since I’m gay.

I’m reserving all my gimmicks until Oreo’s return. It’s a bit unfair for him to be spending a lot of time in gimmicks while he works in Saudi.


Remember the Mayor of Hawaii that we met at Happy Yipee Yehey!? He was also there at Punchline.

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