April 1, 2011

That Little Green Book

I just finished reading that little green book called “Dear Migs: Letters to MGG”. It’s a compilation of letters to the one and only, Migs a.k.a. Manila Gay Guy. He’s one of my most favorite bloggers and I could say, one of the most influential in the Pinoy Gay Blogosphere. You could also see a link to his blog in almost all Pinoy gay blogs and websites.


Migs is like the Mother Ricky Reyes of the online world and most gays look up to him as a symbol of everything a gay guy has: wit, friendship, nice voice, articulate writing prowess, and wisdom. A gay icon? Pwede!

Going back to that little green book, it’s a compilation of some of the most famous letters send to Migs, with advise from him and the rest of the readers of his blog. I like the last part of the book: Straight talk on straight folk. It’s about different stories of gay-straight guy relationships. I can relate to most of the letter senders since I have a lot of straight guy friends.

If you don’t have a copy of that little green book yet, I would highly recommend to buy it since it’s worth it. It’s available at National Bookstore for P330.00.


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