April 27, 2011

What’s Up with Carl Guevarra?

I’m missing Carl Guevarra. I’ve been searching the net for his latest pictorials and projects to no avail. The last news I got about him from iGMA is with the show “Jejemom”. No latest photo shoots from Bench?

If you happen to know the latest about Carl Guevarra, please share it with me. Send me some of his latest pictures (that are not in the following gallery). I would greatly appreciate it.

bachelor bachelor2

I’m limiting the celebrities featured in our blog, and I can’t help but wonder how he is doing these days. I’m a big fan of both Carl Guevarra and Markki Stroem! Shall I rename this blog as “Elmer Loves Carl & Markki”?

bachelor3 bachelor4 candid candid2 carl hood2 carl swimming carl swimming2 carl swimming3 carol hood closeup2 close-up red red2 tropa tropa2 white

Photos courtesy of his numerous Facebook Fan Page.

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