April 24, 2011

My First Sorcerer

After following the guide on how to change to a Sorcerer from Ragnarok Adventures, my Scholar, Charlie Weasley, is finally a Sorcerer.


I’m a big fan of Philippine Ragnarok Online, the first MMORPG in the country. I’ve been playing since 2004 and this year, Ragnarok Online a.k.a. pRO, will be celebrating it’s 8th year in the Philippines!

I’m currently playing at Valhalla server and Charlie Weasley is my first Sorcerer. The quest is easy since I have a premium service. I just had some problems obtaining the needed stones (Red Blood, Wind of Verdure, Crystal Blue and Green Live). It’s being sold at Prontera for 13,000+ zennies and I don’t have that much money (or zenny in Ragnarok terms).

Eventually, I passed the quest by going to Ice Dungeon, Kunlun and Coal Mines (I skipped the Thor’s Dungeon since it’s very difficult). I obtained the 3 needed items to transform into a Sorcerer.

charlie charlie2 charlie3 charlie4 charlie5  charlie7

My Sorcerer is now sitting at Prontera waiting for a party for Endless Tower (ET). I’ll be playing Ragnarok this week since we have a 3x modified experience.

Long Live Ragnarok Online!

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