April 1, 2011

Lover’s Quarrel


Here’s the latest entry to my personal journal:

April 1, 2011 – 8:51 PM

Yesterday, Oreo and I had a quarrel over his plans for a trip to Boracay in November this year. He brought up the idea of buying airfare tickets to Katiclan, Aklan on the way to Boracay. He told me it’s his way of doing his part for our relationship and it’s his gift for me. So I said, okay, why not.

The problem started when he failed to book the reservation online at the Cebu Pacific website. He told me his computer hangs up on the site and he can’t book the order. So I suggested, using another computer or booking it from an Internet café.

He asked me to book it for him. So I said, sure thing. I asked him to send me some money (via Western Union) and I’ll book it. He told me to use my card (HSBC). I said, it would be my treat to him instead, if I book it using my card. He said he’ll pay me back. I suggested booking it in November then. He said it would be more expensive. I said it would be the same price. He again asked me to book it using my card. I said I don’t want to use my card. He said, “Let’s just cancel it”. I said, “Sure, not a problem. It’s not my idea in the first place”.

He got mad, walked out of the Yahoo! Messenger room, removed me from his Facebook and YM contact list, and went offline. I don’t have any idea why he got so mad simply because I refuse to use my card on the airfare tickets.

Sometimes I wonder why he acts like a kid whenever we have an argument like this.

Dear readers, could you please tell me what went wrong? I can’t seem to figure it out. I hope Migs could advise me on this.

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