September 5, 2011

Rest Day (RD) Movie Marathon

My rest days are still Saturday and Sunday. It’s been my rest days for the longest time. I was sleeping during my rest days because I feel so exhausted and uncomfortable because of coughs and cold.

I still manage to watch 3 movies during my rest days – X-Men First Class, Thor and Soul Surfer. I usually download movies after Jaybob of uploaded it on that website. He’s my favorite uploaded since all the movies he uploads are ripped from DVDs so it’s definitely clear. I’ll tell you more of him in my next posts.


X-Men First Class – I love how the director portrayed Charles Xavier in this movie. He’s a regular college student who happens to be a telepath. He drinks, he’s good at woman, and he’s a good friend to Erik (Magneto). I also love how the story was integrated to the Holocaust and the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was very creative. I just never knew that Charles Xavier has the power to “freeze” someone from a distance by tapping into the person’s mind. I haven’t read that in the comics.






Thor_poster Thor – Chris Hemsworth is perfect for the role of the Thunder God: muscular, blonde and blue-eyed. I just never imagined Thor to be as arrogant as portrayed in the film. I don’t like the story of Thor being banished from Asgard. I never read it in the comics.

What I like about the movie is the initial story about the struggle with the Frost Giants. I was also surprised on how small the Frost Giants are portrayed in the movie. They were just a bit taller than the Asgardians! I also like how Asgard looks like.






Soul Surfer – This movie was recommended by a good friend via Facebook. I don’t usually watch movies where a woman is the protagonist. Between two films that star a girl and a guy, I’ll definitely watch the guy. This movie, however, is a very nice movie. It’s based on the true story (which I like) of Bethany Hamilton. She’s a surfer who lost her left arm due to a shark attack. In spite of what happened, she returned to surfing and won numerous awards because of will power and her Christian upbringing. It just shows how family and friends are important in the recovery of a person. You should definitely watch it!

Hope to catch more movies in my next rest days. How about you, what are the most recent movies you’ve watched?


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