September 23, 2011

Tobie and Rocky

Tobie and Rocky is one of the 4 gay couples that I truly admire. Today, I finally read the blog post on how Rocky narrates their beginning as a couple. I also found out that April 23, 2009 is their anniversary.


If I understood it correctly, sometime in 2007, Rocky accidentally took a picture of Tobie in a sci-fi convention. Rocky posted the said picture on the net when Tobie left a simple message saying that he’s the guy in the picture. It’s just a simple meet and greet and their love story didn’t took flight… yet.

Then they met online, the 2nd time, after almost 2 years. Tobie saw Rocky’s profile in a famous gay dating site. It was then that Rocky realized that Tobie is a true-blooded bisexual. It’s something that they talked about. They became friends and would just talk occasionally, as Rocky indicated, “with the random bit of flirting here and there online”.

In February 2009, they decided to meet in person just to play NetRunner (I never heard about this game, promise). Rocky invited Tobie and they’ve realized that there is “spark” between them. They’ve “connected” (sort of) to each other’s soul. They’ve enjoyed the night playing the game.

They’ve hang out all throughout Valentine’s Day 2009 together after that and they get to know each other even more. Rocky at this time, have a partner and he left out the details on how that old relationship ended.

Eventually, Rocky and Tobie reached a point where in their bond and their feelings to each other are just RIGHT. They started living together in their apartment called “The Sietch” and since then, they’ve become a couple.


Rocky, by the way, is a successful blogger and the name behind the blogThe Geeky Guide to Nearly Everythingand is the marketing manager of a BPO company. Tobie is also a blogger, an artist, comic book creator and is the author of The Garapata Can Speak”. He is also the boss of his own International Medical and Business Transcription Company.

Like the ending of the Harry Potter series, I can say that between Tobie and Rocky, all is well.

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