September 17, 2011

Housing Project at Nagpayong, Pasig City

Way back in October 16, 2008, the city government of Pasig and Habitat for Humanity Philippines started to build a housing project for the poor residents of Pasig City. It’s located adjacent to the “Bahay Aruga”and “Bahay Pag-asa” and the Pasig City Jail, along Molave Street, Nagpayong, Brgy. Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City.

I’ve heard about this housing project from my mom and I decided to take some pictures. What I saw was about 3 housing buildings that are categorized as low-cost housing units. Unfortunately, after much publicity about this project and even with the partnership with the Pasig City Government, I haven’t seen a single, habitable unit in this housing project.

I’m calling the attention of volunteers and Mayor Bobby Eusebio to finish what they started. The project is half-way to completion and I hope they’ll put more efforts to finish what they started. If the city government of Pasig City can afford building an extravagant mansion for the juvenile delinquents, perhaps they should allot enough funds for the poor residents as well.

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