August 21, 2011

The Love Yourself Project

Paulo Avelino theROOM

It’s wonderful to witness the birth of an organization that’s dedicated to helping others. One of those amazing Non-Government Organization (NGO) I’ve ever seen is The Love Yourself Project. It’s a collaboration of several personalities (mostly associated with the LGBT community) whose aim is to disseminate knowledge about HIV Testing and Counseling.

One of counselors of The Love Yourself Project is Migs, The Manila Gay Guy. I’ve been a follower of his blog for a few years now. I’m a witness on Migs transformation from a blogger for the LGBT community and his current advocacy. I also have one of his published books, Letters to Migs. He’s been a love doctor, so to speak, to numerous gays having problems with the heart.

His blog also underwent transformation to its current status as one of the best website for AIDS Awareness and Information. I remember Migs saying that if you Google “GAY AIDS”, his blog would appear in the Top 10 Search Results. That’s how popular his blog has become.

I also witnessed how a certain “Monkey Boy” shared his story on Manila Gay Guy. How he started the “No Day But Today” Project on Facebook who’s main purpose is “to keep anyone in the Philippines from facing an HIV diagnosis alone”. Migs has been his companion in testing for HIV. From his story in MGG, I’ve noticed that Migs tackled the issue of HIV and AIDS even more in his blog.

Migs also shared that he got himself tested for HIV as well (it was negative) and that he was certified as an HIV/AIDS Counselor. He also mentioned The Love Yourself Project on his blog and I’ve witnessed its birth as well. Today, The Love Yourself Project has been an active campaigner in promulgating information on HIV/AIDS and conducts free HIV Testing. They have a current project that involves a photo shoot with renowned photographer Ian Felix Alquiros. Proceeds of the said event will go to the funding of The Love Yourself Project (TLYP).

To know more about Migs and his involvement in TLYP, please visit his blog and TLYP website. Knowing is half-winning the problem. With the current sudden rise in the number of HIV Cases in the Philippines, it’s best to know more information about the disease and to get tested.

Photo of Paulo Avelino taken from theROOM. Thank you also JM for suggesting that I blog more about current events.

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