August 2, 2011

Ragnarok’s Episode 23: Dewata

ragnarok dewata

Yes, it sounds like the local term for fairy (Diwata). Philippine Ragnarok Online will be launching today it’s latest update to this 8-year-old game. It’s Episode 23: Dewata. It’s a map inspired by the Bali (Indonesia) theme.

The Dewata update (or patch) will feature the following:

  • 3 new quests entitled “Legend”, “Traditional Weapon” and Help Out the Old Man”.
  • 2 new dungeons named “Dewata Cave” and “Karkatau Volcano”.
  • 5 new monsters: Rafflesia Alnoldi, Comodo, Cendrawasih, Banaspaty, and Butoijo.
  • 1 new MVP (Boss or Main Monster) named Leak.
  • 3 new items: Tidung (armor), Jaty Crown (armor) and Caress (dagger)

dewata new weapons

What I’m excited about this new patch (or update) is the Caress (dagger). It’s a weapon that a Soul Linker (a job class) can wield. I have a lot of Soul Linkers in the Valhalla server and I would definitely want to try this dagger.

Please visit the Official Philippine Ragnarok Online Dewata Site here.

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