July 26, 2011

My 3rd Soul Linker

A soul linker is one of the many jobs or class in the game Ragnarok Online. He is a mage class (magic user) who can cast a power spell (called Esma) against monsters. He wears this Korean-inspired costume, similar to a Japanese kimono.

fs elmer esma lvl 6

The job name Soul Linker is derived from his ability to cast “soul links” to other jobs like Knights, Wizards, Bard and Dancer, Hunters, etc. This “soul link” will give an added capability or strength to other classes, much like a Priest giving extra “buffs” to other players. A soul linker is like a hybrid Wizard-Priest. This job happens to be my favorite in Ragnarok Online. In fact, I made 2 male soul linkers (both level 99, the max level for this class) and 1 female soul linker in Valhalla server. It didn’t stop me there. I made a 3rd soul linker the past few months and last Saturday and Sunday, I was able to spend the entire day leveling my newest soul linker.

fs elmer esma

There are two major types of soul linkers: the Esma-type (magic caster) and the Battle-type (agility based). My first 2 male soul linkers are both Battle-type. They use a dagger instead of a staff. My 3rd male soul linker (as well as my female) is an Esma-type. The primary stat is Intelligence (INT) for massive magic damage. I had a very nice time playing my new and my 3rd male soul linker. (Note: Please ignore his damage in the screenshots since he hasn’t mastered level 10 of Esma yet).

The “native” skill of a soul linker is the Esma. However, there are certain items and cards that enables a job to use other skills that are “native” to other jobs. Examples of these skills that you can borrow from other job class are Lex Aeterna (from Priest) and the Fire and Lightning Bolts (from Wizards).

fs elmer lightning fire bolt fs elmer fb fs elmer lb fs elmer lex aeterna

In this picture, you can see the equipment that my 3rd soul linker is wearing as well as his stats. He has an intelligent-vitality (INT-VIT) build: intelligence for damage to monsters and vitality for high HP (heal points) or Life.

fs elmer stats

These are some of the things that I admire with the Soul Linker class of Ragnarok Online, which makes it my most favorite job class in the game. By the way, Philippines Ragnarok Online, the Official Philippine server of this Korean game, is celebrating it’s 8th year anniversary! Yes, it’s been 8 years since Ragnarok was launch! Have you ever played this online game?

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