July 9, 2011

First Look at Google+

Thank you very much Rocky Sunico of The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything for inviting me to Google+. Now I know how the new, future competitor of Facebook looks like.

I’m not good at giving a test run on software or website. Not to mention writing a post/review of it. I think I’m more of a photo blogger. Anyway, the first thing I’ve notice with Google+ is the minimal design (which is typical of Google). It’s also integrated with Picasa web which I use and it has a shortcut to it. Google+ also has a one-click shortcut to other Google services like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Reader (which I’m not familiar with) and of course, the search engine.

For now, I’ll study the website more and hopefully, invite my friends to try it as well. Who knows, maybe a few years from now, Google+ will be the new Facebook, and the current Facebook we’re familiar with, would become like Friendster. Like they say, history repeats itself.

google plus2

google plus

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