May 8, 2011

Yahoo! Breaking News: Pacquiao Won!

I’m not really a fan of Manny Pacquiao (and boxing) but I admire the guy’s determination, work attitude, discipline and perseverance! I also love his attitude towards improving his capabilities (by studying local governance), love for his family, mother, and his “kababayan” (fellow town mates) in General Santos City.


Manny Pacquiao is also an inspiration to Filipino boxers and boxing enthusiast in the country. He made boxing a national sport in the Philippines and introduce the country to the world! He’s a certified National Icon and is often referred to as “Pambansang Kamao” (literally National Fist).

Today is Manny’s big fight against Shane Mosley for another boxing title. I’m not really a boxing fan and I’m not familiar with all of Manny’s current titles, nor the opponents he faced (and defeated) so far, but one thing is for sure: he’s such a hero here in the Philippines.

12:48 PM – Charice started singing on TV for the Pacquiao-Mosley match.

From the Yahoo! Live Blog Coverage:

12:48 PM -- Joey Alarilla: Mosley clinching, tying up Pacquiao's right, then punching Pacquiao's body

12:49 PM -- Erwin Oliva: Manny lands strong lefts.

I’m just waiting for the big announcement right now.

12:51 PM -- Erwin Oliva: Unofficial scores from Yahoo! puts Manny in the lead.

12:53 PM -- Erwin Oliva: Manny is defending his title as WBO Welterweight champ.

12:54 PM -- Erwin Oliva: MANNY WINS BY UNANIMOUS DECISION. 120-108, 120-107, 119-107

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