April 16, 2011

Watching Rio with BFF

I watched the animation movie Rio yesterday with my Best Friend Forever (BFF). I’m a big fan of animation films. Plus the fact that there are no other interesting movies shown yesterday at SM Megamall.

rio-movie-poster The movie is about a Blue Macaw named Blu who was captured from Rio de Janeiro when he was just a chick and end up being in Minnesota. A bookshop owner named Linda took care of him until he grew up to adulthood.

They ended up being in Rio de Janeiro to save Blu’s species by meeting (and mating) with Jewel, a Blue Macaw living in a bird sanctuary. They don’t have “sparkle” or love at first sight since Jewel is more focus on how to escape the bird sanctuary and live freely in the forests of Rio.

They were bird-nap by a boy and sold to traders. Blu is a very intelligent bird and they escaped because of that. He has one flaw though – he can’t fly! The traders chained them up to each other which forces Jewel to walk along with him in a journey of getting-to-know each other while figuring out how to break the chain.

With the help of their new-found Brazilian friends, they discovered interesting things about each other and fall in love in the end. You’ll be surprised on how they removed the chain!

Blu has been a domesticated Macaw since he was a chick and never learned to fly. Eventually, when their lives are threatened (they fell from a cargo plane), Blu’s instinct kicked in and he just flew!

The movie has too many themes incorporated into the movie: the effects of animal trade to endangered species of birds, the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (where the title of the movie was taken), the poor residents of Rio as opposed to the Carnival Lifestyle of the city, love at first sight and getting to know your partner, nature and nurture, and having a family (they raised three lovely Blue Macaw chicks at the end).

When I saw the trailer before, I thought Rio was the name of lead character. Also, I thought Blu was voice by Neil Patrick Harris. It was in fact Jesse Eisenberg’s voice. (He’s best know in The Social Network).

Thank you my BFF for always accompanying me in watching movies. You’re such a good companion!

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