April 14, 2011

It’s Markki Stroem! (Again!)

It seems that Cosmopolitan Philippines will be featuring Markki Stroem for the whole month of April. They just recently posted 100 pictures of him on their website.

marky-creamtop-51 marky-brownsweater-3 marky-brownsweater-12 marky-brownsweater-13 marky-brownsweater-19 marky-brownsweater-27 marky-brownsweater-38 marky-creamtop-3 marky-creamtop-16 marky-creamtop-19 marky-creamtop-46 marky-creamtop-43

Sometimes I think of changing the name of this blog to Elmer Loves Markki (hehehe). He’s such a hot commodity these days that he’s been featured in major newspapers and magazines in the country. Check out his Official Fan Page on Facebook!

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