April 11, 2011

Rest Day Movie Marathon

My rest day this week is Sunday and Monday. Aside from playing Defense of the Ancients (DotA) the whole day and doing the Alberta Quests in Ragnarok Online, I was able to watch two movies. The first one is The Green Hornet and the other one is Star Trek.

the-green-hornet-movie-poster-02 The Green Hornet is a vigilante dynamic-duo aimed at getting rid of Los Angeles of crimes. It’s like Batman & Robin, but has loads of comedy. I’m not good at summarizing films and I’ll leave you to look at Wikipedia for the synopsis. What I like about the film is the fight scene between The Green Hornet a.k.a. Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) with his sidekick/butler Kato (Jay Chou). Kato is a martial arts expert, while Britt Reid is a rich playboy. He defeated Kato in the fight and save him from drowning. Now that’s showing who’s the boss.

I also love the fight scene in the newspaper headquarters. They almost blew up the entire building. I also love the scene about where Britt Reid found out that he copied nothing on his USB, and it’s the cause of death of his antagonist. I love the film.

star-trek-dac-ad-big Star Trek is about friendship and trusting your instinct instead of logic. I found out that this 2009 version is actually the 11th movie based on the Star Trek television series. I saw that TV series when I was a kid and wasn’t able to watch it. This is the first Star Trek movie I’ve ever watched.

The film is all about two guys from different planets. One is James Kirk (Chris Pine) and the other is Spock (Zachary Quinto). James Kirk is the offspring of a commander that sacrificed his life in order to save the lives of his crew. Spock is a half-breed. His father is a Vulcan citizen while his mother is from Earth. As a kid, he was bullied for being half-breed. (Similar to being a Mudblood from the Harry Potter series).

Spock relies mostly on logic, since he’s very intelligent, while James relies mostly on his instinct, or what he feels is right. In the end, their combined attitude defeated the bad guys and became the beginning of a very good friendship.

I love the visual effects of the movie. It really made me feel that I was “with the crew” aboard their ship!

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