April 7, 2011

My Super Call Center Friends

In my current call center, I have been moved 3 times in different accounts. That’s in the span of 18 months! I have been in a Pay-For-Support, Anti-Virus and Chat support accounts. Right now, I’m currently in nesting for a Voice Account. Most of my team mates from the Chat support accounts are moved as well.


If I could describe my former team mates in Chat support, in three words, it would be something like:

1. Kat – long-hair, “bumbayin” (has Indian features), ECE graduate

2. Shaine – smiley-face, super chatter (can take 45+ chats in a day), dog-lover

3. Hannah – irate agent, Midori, “payatot” (slim)

4. Fab – runner, straight-to-the-point, thinker

5. Heart -- “habulin ng guys” (guy-magnet), manager, highest-paid agent

6. Rose – mother, taxi girl, tenured

7. Noy – silent-type, mongoloid, “fafable” (gay lingo for gorgeous guy)

8. AM – emotional, irate TL, lover

9. Beej – joker, mother, calm

10. Chard – family-guy, movie buff, traveler

11. Marco – SME (subject matter expert), DotA, lover-boy

12. Lexa – accomplice, choosy, “Bicolana” (a girl from the Bicol region)

There are other team mates I forgot to mention. There is no such thing as permanent in the call center industry (particularly in our account).

I miss my chat buddies so much.

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