July 5, 2016

Global Staffer

I received a message from Global Staffer on my Facebook fan page in 2014 and it’s only now that I had the chance to look at their work on YouTube and it’s very interesting. Here’s the copy of the letter and some of their videos:

Hi Elmer,

I noticed that you have been writing interesting articles about trends in the Filipino workforce.
We are currently working on an initiative that captures a very interesting trend in the industry. Are you interested in talking to me about an exclusive article on this topic?

We have been noticing a trend that many multinationals are no longer only moving into the Philippines to outsource their mundane tasks. Many of them have realized that Filipino workers are smart and they have much more to gain from having their Philippines operations do the heavy lifting for tasks that require a lot of brain power (not only tasks that don’t require a lot of thinking).

One example of such a company is our company, Global Staffer. Our parent company in Los Angeles thought that they will come to the Philippines to outsource some basic tasks such as setting up appointments. They soon discovered that there is an enormous talent pool with smart and capable people here. They therefore chose to move over their higher skilled positions that require a lot of thinking to Manila. We are about to launch a mini video series that articulates to Filipino workers that they don’t have to be stuck in a BPO job where they don’t have the opportunity to develop higher level skills. The video series illuminates that opportunities exist for many Filipino workers to work at a company where their job is fun and challenging.

The first draft of the video can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sX2f4QCPGbY
We’re intending to fully launch this video in a few weeks from now. Are you interested in speaking with some of our staff or founder on this topic?


Tom GS

Global Staffer Logo

Watch more of their videos on YouTube.

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