July 8, 2011


This is a follow-up post on my status with Oreo. It all started with the Lover’s Quarrel post. It was then followed by the New Beginning post. Last July 3, I received a blog comment from Oreo as well as a PM via Facebook. He was disappointed that I gave up on our relationship without realizing that he’s only keeping his distance from me a.k.a. Cool-Off. In short, we’re back together as lovers. We’re still apart from each other but we’re still a couple.

He’s been asking me to announce it through this blog but I can’t think of a way to announce it. I thought of publishing our recent Facebook chat about the reconciliation. I hope he agrees with the publication (or else, another quarrel hehe).




Oreo, I thank you very much for forgiving my shortcomings. I hope to be a better lover. I can’t wait for your return in October this year. I can’t believe that your 2-year contract is almost over. I love you, always.

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