July 5, 2012

Avail Time During Independence Day 2012

After the avail period of Memorial Day, we have another avail period. This time, it's Independence Day in the United States and we're not expecting large volume of calls. So thank Heavens for the avail time this Fourth of July 2012. What I'm looking for in this year's US Independence Day is the vampire film "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter". I'm hoping to watch it as soon as Jaybob or Cool Release uploads in on their site.


The concept of the film is great. It combines the popularity of the vampire myth with historical figure like the first president of the US: Abraham Lincoln. I guess it's the first film that made a twist to a US historical figure.

Other than movies that are inspired by the US Independence Day, I'm also looking forward to guys wearing underwear and draped in the US flag. I envy the US tolerance in treating their flag. I haven't seen anything like it in Philippine setting.

Right now, I'm on a 1-hour avail time and I love it. Almost all of us (2 teams in our bay) don’t have a call at this point. Only 1 person (among 25+ agents) currently has a call. I'm thankful that the account can afford to have agents be on an avail status and doesn't resort to voluntary time-out (VTO). On the other hand, those agents who wanted to avail of a VTO (like me) are forced to stay in the office and attend all sorts of huddles, trainings and discussions from Sales, Training and Quality Assurance.

I admire the way Americans treat their Holidays in general. They are really celebrating it with a bang! Independence Day in the US is known for fireworks, proud display of the American flag and barbeque. It’s also a great reason for Americans to go out and enjoy the sun.

Tomorrow is a dreadful day because after the calm, comes the storm. Perhaps the volume of calls tomorrow (after the ID celebration) will double. It's definitely Queuing Day tomorrow. I’m not at home and guess how many calls I’ve received in my 8-hour shift – 2!

Picture taken from The Smashable.

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