July 29, 2012

The Longest Day Part 1 of 2

Let me post here the article that I wrote on paper while I was applying a job at Transcom near Tiendesitas, Pasig City.


This line leads to the entrance of Mega Trade Hall for the DZRH Job Fair

July 27, 2012 – Friday

It’s 5:12PM and I’m seating here at the 4th floor, waiting area, of Transcom (a BPO company) near Tiendesitas, Pasig City. Yup, I’m applying for a job. So much has happened within the past 24 hours and I haven’t got any sleep since yesterday afternoon.

Around 5PM yesterday, July 26, I was watching a re-run of “The Amazing Race Season 3” while preparing to go to work. Then I had a dinner around 6:45 PM, took a bath and then off to work. I was on leave from Tuesday-Wednesday. So I took my 9 hour shift (including my paid lunch) as normal.

Before I went home this morning (around 5:30AM) my TL approach me and said that we’ll be seeing the HR. The moment she mentioned this, I already have a feeling that they’ll serve my termination paper. They did. They asked me if I have any questions and I just asked for the complete name of the country manager. They provided it and even gave me the names of the VP and company attorney as if saying “go ahead, file a complaint against the company”.

So I went home and told my mom about it. I was actually surprised that my mom already had a gut feeling that I was just terminated from Sufferland. It probably showed all over my face. So I told her everything that happened and my plans. This is probably the 5th time that she saw my “mom, I just got fired from work” look.

Around 9AM, I was already at the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) building at Banaue Avenue in Quezon City. I filled out a Complaint Request Form, have it encoded and verified, photocopied 3 times and brought the papers to the labor arbiter’s office. By 9:30AM, everything is set for a hearing in August. This is my 2nd time that I filed an illegal dismissal case at this government agency. The first one was 3 years ago versus Teleperformance. I won that case but chose not to get reinstated for fear of retaliation. Besides, I was already working with Sufferland for almost a month when the decision was served.

I walked towards Santo Domingo Church and it was my first time at that church. I love the tranquility of the place and said a prayer asking God to be my avenger and give me Divine Justice. I then had a meryenda at Dunkin Donuts and decided to go home.


I passed by SM Megamall and thought of checking the Mega Trade Hall for a possible job fair. Sure enough, there is a job fair sponsored by DZRH on the occasion of their 73rd Anniversary. I checked the exhibitors and most of the jobs are from the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry. Here we go again.

I saw the booth of Transcom and since I haven’t been to Tiendesitas, I decided to have an initial interview and it was a casual talk. I passed with minimal pronunciation lapses and I saw my younger self in the next applicants. Most of them are first time to the BPO industry and they were asked to read a series of sentences. Most of them didn’t pass the initial interview. I ended up as the only one in the van en route to Transcom.

Transcom owned the entire building and they have a recruitment center on the ground floor as well as on the 4th floor. I was also given a P50 meal stub followed by a P30 snack stub a few hours after. I was able to see their pantry, recruitment and waiting areas as well as the toilets. The entire recruitment area, pantry, the hallways (areas that I have access to) were carpeted. Sosyal! (Glamorous).

I immediately liked the building of Transcom. It has a convenient store and Metrobank is on the ground floor as well. I imagined myself attending the training on this building. The training rooms here at Transcom are named after the provinces: Bohol, Cebu, etc. Even the interview rooms have their own name like Moriones, Pahiyas, Sinulog and even their core values like Fun, Innovation, Passion, and Honesty. The seats at the waiting area are similar to the ones being used in airports – those made with metal.

To be continued.

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