August 29, 2011

Too Much On My Plate

I’m falling in love with you, Matteo.

My rest day is almost over and I can’t think of a single topic that I want to blog about. Perhaps, I really have too much on my plate right now. Let me list down some of the the topics that I want to write about but I can’t elaborate more on the subject:

1. The Smurfs in 3D – My Best Friend Forever (BFF) and I watched this fabulous movie yesterday at SM Megamall. The price of the ticket is P300 and there are not much 3D effects in the movie itself. The bonus part was Neil Patrick Harris was there (one of my favorites) because I never saw the trailer. Also, the setting is New York City which I always love to see on film. I’ve always loved The Smurfs since the TV series. I always admire it for introducing the very first gay cartoon character I’ve ever seen – Vanity Smurf! Also, before the famous “diversity” motto that is very popular in the call center industry, there is already the diversity in the Smurfs village. Talk about being first.

2. “Language, Learning, Identity, Privilege" – It’s an article by James Soriano, a student of the Ateneo de Manila University. He’s also a columnist at Manila Bulletin Online where the article was published and later, taken down. You probably heard it on the news or read the whole article. The main point of his article is “For while Filipino may be the language of identity, it is the language of the streets. It might have the capacity to be the language of learning, but it is not the language of the learned.”

Well, there are truths to some of the things he said. Being well-versed in English will give you higher paying jobs (like call centers with foreign clients) that it’s local equivalent (call center with local clients). However, it’s not because Filipino is inferior to English in any way, but because of the difference on how much a foreign client pays than the local client.

Languages, like Human Beings, are born equal. Language comes from God. Remember The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9)? Who are we to say that one language is superior to the other?

3. Xian Lim, Matteo Guidicelli, “My Binondo Girl” – I’ve seen the trailer a while ago and I wanted to watch it simply because Matteo and Xian were there. I even saw their latest video on Xian’s YouTube channel about the prank they did in Hong Kong. I think I’m deeply falling in love with Matteo. I’m discovering a lot about him through Xian’s channel.

4. My best friend in college has a Tumblr blog – Yup, and I love his blog! I always admire his superior skills in English and I’ve only seen his full potential when I saw his Tumblr blog. It’s simply amazing. I remember him as this loner way back in first year college. I got attracted to his silent-type character, dimples and deep personally. I generally like silent-type guys. He’s tall, skinny, fair and a Kapampangan. He’s fond of watching movies, reading magazines, and music. I remember purchasing my first ever cassette tape with him. It was The Moffatts’ “Chapter 1: A New Beginning”. Too bad that after college, we lost communication and our friendship drifted away. Thank God for Facebook, I was able to communicate with him again. However, the friendship is no longer the same. He seems to be a different person than my Best Friend in college. I swear, I’ve fallen in love with him before.

5. First Facebook Libel Case in the Philippines – It was between Dr. Vicky Belo and Atty. Argee Guevarra. Thank God, there is still no law about online libel and that Facebook continues to be a place to practice free speech.

Well, there are other things on my plate right now but I guess that would be all for now. I hope I didn’t bore you.

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