August 19, 2011

Being in Class

I'm currently training for accounting software. This is my 7th account in my current company. I feel like I'm being in class again. I have an instructor (trainer) and classmates (wavemates). Right now, I'm in our classroom. We're reviewing yesterday's lesson. We have a recitation and our trainer is asking us questions. He is even using a random name picker -- an online application where all our names are listed and it picks up a name randomly.

By the way, we are 24 in class: 11 girls, 12 boys (of which 4 of us are gays). Out of 24, 7 are regular employees from different accounts (lateral transfer) and the rest are new hires. I'm one of the 7 regular employees. Regarding marital status, I believe 12 are already married. We all have call center experience.


Right now, we are discussing the basics of networking. It would be one of our supported issues -- to be able to network 2 or more computers so that the accounting software will be able to access a common file on the server PC. We will support Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) customers. This would be my 1st account that will support such group of customers. I usually support home users. I'm just hoping that SME customers are more logical and more polite than home users.

What I like about being in class is that our lunch and breaks are paid. It's only an 8-hour shift but we are being paid the same as in the Production Floor. Our two 15-minute breaks are also paid so our class is technically 6.5 hours only. The previous weeks, our schedule was from 7 AM to 3 PM. This week, our schedule is from 3 PM to 11 PM.​

Our class last 3 weeks on the training room (we're on our last week) and 2 weeks of nesting. Nesting is the transition period between being in class and being on the production floor (talking calls). Nesting is usually half-day taking calls and the rest of the shift will be used by the trainer to discuss our calls so that we could improve our calls the next day. At the end of the nesting week, we'll have our Quality Assurance (QA) certification. This will serve as our final exam before being endorsed to the Production Team. Nesting period by the way is already a 9-hour shift (lunch is unpaid).

Hopefully next week, our schedule would fall anytime between 10 PM to 6 AM because that is where our night differential comes in. Since I'm a regular employee, I'm entitled to a 20% night differential as compared to most of my new hire (newbie) classmates which only enjoys 10% :)

By the way, our trainer just called my name for our recitation and I was able to answer it with flying rainbow colors.

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