August 5, 2011

Carl Guevarra by Designer M. Barretto

At one time, I have referred to this blog as “Carl Guevarra’s Fanpage” because of my love for him. Yes, I’m a fan of Mr. Bench Model Carl. When I saw his latest pictures from the Bench website (by designer M. Barretto), I immediately think of a title for the blog post for him.

Ever since I saw him at the Be Bench reality TV, I became a fan of him. He’s one of the reasons why I patronize Bench (Paulo Avelino is the other reason). I always look up to Carl Guevarra as the epitome of the words “Perseverance” and “Willpower”. I always admire him for his dedication to be a model and have proven, through the years, that he got what it takes to be a Bench model.

Enjoy his latest gorgeous pictures!

carl guevarra by m baretto2 carl guevarra by m baretto carl guevarra by m baretto5 carl guevarra by m baretto6 carl guevarra by m baretto7   carl guevarra by m baretto3

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