July 23, 2018

Concentrix and This Year's Pride March

First it was LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender). Then it became LGBTQ+ (Queer). Now it's called LGBTQPIA+ (Pansexual, Intersex, Asexual or Allies). Our community is expanding and encompasses all sorts of labels other than straight. I wonder what new label will come up next and what letter will be added to our very long acronym.


Last June 30, members of the LGBTQPIA+ held their annual Pride March at the Marikina Sports Center. It was organized by the Metro Manila Pride and attended by several organizations and call centers -- including my current one, Concentrix. It's a festive event but a very conservative one, compared to other Pride March celebrated in other countries and cities. It's a day full of rainbow flags, unicorns (I still wonder why this is our national animal), music, foods and love.

Concentrix was very kind enough to provide a royal blue t-shirt to those employees who registered for the event, as well as an umbrella, water and a small rainbow flag that we waved during the event. They even provided a float to promote the company as LGBTQPIA+ friendly.

The shirts could have been more colorful though -- instead of sticking with a solid, royal blue color. The booth was a bit boring though, as if it's just set-up there to claim the goodies and register. No fun activities were held or no pamphlets were distributed to tell the participants of the pride march how fun it is being an LGBTQPIA+ employee of Concentrix is. In fairness to Concentrix, prior to this event, they have a Pride Talk held in one of its site.

This year's team #RiseUpTogether is very timely since the oral argument regarding same-sex marriage were discussed at the Supreme Court. #RiseUpTogether denotes unity and demands equal rights from the State. Indeed, the LGBTQPIA+ community showed that we're here, we exist, we pay taxes just like everyone else, and therefore we should enjoy the same benefits and responsibilities just like any other citizen of this country. This is my 2nd time to attend the Pride March and my 1st time with a boyfriend. We're definitely joining again next year.

How about you guys, how great is your company when it comes to promoting diversity in the work place?


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