July 30, 2018

Center of My World

This 2016 German coming-of-age romantic drama movie reminds me of "The Love of Siam". It's about this guy who arrived from a summer vacation to find that he became distant to his sister (who he grew up together). They grew up without knowing who their father was. Their mom had a lot of relationships after their biological father but it never lasted. The film is full of family drama but at the center of it is the protagonist -- a gay guy who has a close female friend.

Center of My World

Their close friendship was tested when the new guy at school -- Nicholas -- became their classmate. I got star struck with the German actor who played Nicholas (Jannik Schümann). I love his blue eyes, his build and his accent. He’s definitely the most gorgeous German actor I’ve seen on film. The film by the way is in German language with English subtitle.

Jannik Schümann

The protagonist met Nicholas when they were boys, in a supermarket. It was a onetime accidental meet-up, but the protagonist clearly remember young Nicholas' eyes, smile and wink. The scene at the shower room and at the vacation house are wonderfully done.

I would rate this film 4.5 out of 5.

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