July 23, 2018

A Typical Day at the Back Office

For the longest time, I've been assigned to the 9pm-6am schedule. Our office is located at Tera Tower in Bridgetowne, Libis, Quezon City. If I'm lucky, it will take me only an hour from Pinagbuhatan, Pasig. I'll ride a tricycle from Pinagbuhatan to Pasig-Palengke. From there, I would ride a jeep en route to either Angono, Binangonan or Taytay. I will drop by Tramo and cross the overpass. In front of BDO Rosario, I would ride a jeep en route to either Cubao or San Juan. I would drop by the Iglesia ni Cristo church in IPI, Libis. From there, I would take about 6 minutes’ walk to Tera Tower -- that's the 3rd building from Iglesia, after Giga and Exxa.


Upon entering the company premise, I would have my forefinger fingerprint scan then proceed to the production floor. Once I'm at my station, I would login to another timekeeping tool (browser-based) then to my telephony software by Cisco. I would also open up my remote access tool to login to the client's tool then open my mailboxes. I have two mailboxes -- personal and the client's mailbox. We're 4 in our group in our sub-LOB (Line Of Business) that is looking at the same mailbox and replying under the client's business name.

Once an email arrives from the help desk (of several companies, mostly government branches in the US) we'll have to tag it under our name. My color is green. So once an email is tagged with a green indicator, it means I'm already working on it so my team mates will select other emails. On the email that I tagged under my name, it contains all the information about an equipment's problem -- a broken monitor, a printer that run out of ink, a mouse that is no longer clicking, a laptop with broken keyboard, a PC with a boot problem, etc. Well collate all that information contained in the email (or emails) and then put it in a ticketing system (created by Oracle). This information will then be tagged under a specific technician and they will receive a copy of the collated information (via email). The technician will then call the end user and schedule a dispatch.

One the tech completes a work/job order, they will send us a copy of their work order in the form of email, Word document or PDF. We'll enter these information in the Oracle-based ticketing system and if the issue is resolve, we'll close the ticket. Our company has a lot of US clients that has different contracts which define how we are going to resolve their equipment's problem. Our target is 35 or more tickets per day. I usually get an average of 35-50 tickets. Sometimes, the work needs a part to be replaced or a labor to be charge. This is when the tech provides a quotation to the end-user. The end-user will then call us to approve the charges.

I get around 10-15 calls a day and comes from either the end-user, our technician or the help desk personnel or our client companies. These calls normally take 2-10 minutes depending on the issue. Our technician usually gives an update on certain tickets while the help desks ask us for updates on these tickets. Sometimes the help desk will ask us to create a ticket over the phone. Sometimes they email us the information and we create the ticket.

Before, we have two 15-minutes breaks, which is usual in a call center environment. Since our current company is more of a back-office, the two 15-minutes breaks is not a necessity. That's when I initiated an option to take it as a 1-time 30 minutes break and our previous Operations Manager (OM) approves it. Almost everyone is availing of the combined 30 minutes break from then. I usually take my break at 11:00 PM at either KFC (I love their spaghetti and chicken) or at the company cafeteria (I also also spaghetti). I normally take my 1 hour lunch break at 2:00 AM but since I'm full from my break, I normally use the time to sleep. This is my way of coping up with the night shit. Although I've been with the call center industry for almost 11 years now, I still feel sleepy at night.

Most call centers provide free coffee but our current company doesn't provide any. I usually buy iced coffee at P21-P28 pesos each. Sometimes, I take coffee at home just before going to work. There are about 150 agents in our floor alone, and in our account. There are other accounts in other floors and the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that we have a lot of employees here at Bridgetowne. Not to mention that they have other sites located in other parts of Metro Manila and even in the provinces like Naga, Cebu, etc.

By 6:00 in the morning, I would log out of my timekeeping tools, go out of the production floor and before going to the elevator, log-out in the biometrics computer. Another typical day is done. I work from Monday night to Friday night and it's a long way before the weekends. Most of the time, I arrived around 7:00-7:30 am at home, have breakfast (mostly with the beau who just woke up), and then go to sleep. Sometimes I wake up in the afternoon to watch some movies or play computer games. Sometimes, I don't sleep as soon as I finished my breakfast. I would play computer games, go to social media, read articles online, etc. I would my lunch at 12:00 noon, then rest before going to sleep. I would woke up at 7:00 AM and repeat the same routine.

This has been my routine since February 2017. I guess I'm stuck with this until the end of the year.

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