June 27, 2013

One Direction’s “This Is Us”

I’m a certified Directioner and I can’t wait for One Direction’s upcoming movie “This Is Us”. I’ve seen one of their concert videos and I just can’t get enough of the Fab Five.

Niall Horan is my favorite member of One Direction by the way. I even named one of my Ragnarok Characters after him. He’s an Arch Bishop and is at level 150.

my ab niall horan

Niall Horan in Philippine Ragnarok Online. He’s one of my favorite characters.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan is the most gorgeous member of One Direction, for me.

Speaking of the upcoming One Direction movie “This Is Us”, check out this latest trailer for that movie.

Niall Horan is my favorite member of One Direction.

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