July 18, 2010

Letter To My Czech Friend

Hi Honza!

Today is our 10th monthsary (month-anniversary). Ten months ago, Oreo and I made love the whole night long. It was our first lovemaking.

Prior to this, we've already dated twice and have send each other SMS (commonly known here as text message). Oreo, as I may have probably told you, was introduced by a common friend from our Clan. When I first talked to him over the phone, I got so interested in him because he's fun to talk with. The days that followed were blissful. We could text (send SMS) each other often even if I'm at work (I was training for an account back then).

We got to know each other in the coming days. Then we went and watch a movie then. "In My Life" was a gay-themed movie about 2 gays living in New York City. Their relationship was put to the test when one the gay's mom when to live with him -- and realized he's gay! That was our first movie date. I don't kissed Oreo then just yet, since I don't kiss on first date.

But when our 1st lovemaking day came, we made love like crazy! I felt in-love. I felt accepted and complete. September 18, 2009. I can't forget the date. It was then that I asked him to be my boyfriend. He said yes. We committed our lives to each other. We promised to love each other as hetero couples do.

10 months after, we're still madly in-love. Even if we have a Long Distance Relationship, the love is there and we both knew it. We're committed to make this relationship work no matter what. We had some fights and arguments during the 10 months of relationship. The arguments didn't kill our relationship. It just made us stronger.

I've talked to him a few minutes ago via Yahoo! Messenger. We committed ourselves to each other again. We're still in-love. We have lots of plans when he goes home next year. We'll travel to Hong Kong Disneyland. It would be my very first travel abroad. And like what Oreo said, it would be a magnificent experience since we'll be doing it together.

Take care buddy! I'll write you soon.

Your friend,


I'll be posting this letter to our blog :)

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