July 1, 2010


I watched the movie with 4 ML members: Gerald, Booh, Andrew and Blake. They’re the famous lovers of our clan. We had dinner at Pizza Hut. We ordered a Family size pizza (which is small) and some pasta. I loved their spaghetti. Andrew had lasagna while Booh had a pasta I haven’t seen before.

We had coffee at Starbucks before finally watching the movie at 10:30 PM. Earlier, I arrived at Gateway around 6 PM. I got my ticket at 7 PM. It’s the first day showing of the movie “Eclipse” and there were a lot of people who lined up for the movie.

The film is true to the novel. There were short scenes of Rosalie and Jasper’s past. There were also the scenes of the wolve’s history. The fight of the wolves and Cullen’s are OK. I think the actress that played Rosalie in the first 2 movies was replaced. All other characters are the same.

Due to the sheer number of people who showed up for the movie, We got the worse seat – the front row. Well, it’s better than cancelling the “date” all together. Thank God the movie is great.

I missed my lover Christian the whole time I was at Gateway. For the nth time, I wished he’s with me.

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