November 1, 2020

Latest Gay-Themed Movies 2020

While being vigilant for Super Storm Typhoon #RollyPH to pass Metro Manila, I spend the time looking at the latest gay-themed movies from my primary source -- Gay Dash Torrents Dot Net. I then looked for the summary of these movies from Wikipedia and IMDb and here's what I found out.

Latest Gay Movies November 2020


East Palace, West Palace (1996) aka Behind the Forbidden City. Chinese movie. "...In China, homosexuality isn't illegal, but homosexuals are routinely persecuted by police and arrested for "hooliganism". The film focuses on a young gay writer A-Lan who, being attracted to a young policeman, manages to have himself interrogated for a whole night. His life-story which he tells during the interrogation reflects the general repression of the Chinese society. The policeman's attitude shifts from the initial revulsion to fascination and, finally, to attraction..."

The movie looks great. However, I had enough of gay movies with the theme of persecution. I'm trying to look for more... good vibes gay movies.

East Palace West Palace


Mr. Heart -- 2020 Korean BL. I think I have lots of BL series watching in the past 6+ months of lockdown. This, however, is the movie version.

Friendsgiving (2020) -- protagonists are mainly girls. Not my type

Two Short Films by Marco Berger -- Absent and Plan B by an Argentinian director.

El reloj (2008) -- Is about two teenage boys who are waiting at a bus stop. They talk a bit and find that they know each other from that one double date with their respective girlfriends. Pablo offers Javier a taxi ride to his place and once there, invites him in. After watching television with his cousin, Pablo asks Javier to sleep over. Once in bed, almost naked, they get ready to go to sleep.

Una última voluntad (2007) -- A man awaits his execution by a firing-squad. His last wish before dying is a kiss and there are only men.

The Acrobat (2019) -- drama film made in Canada. The 3rd in a trilogy following Lost Song and Love in the Time of Civil War.

Based on the screenshots, this movie has full nudity like full-blown BJ. It's similar to “Theo & Hugo”.



El cazador (Young Hunter) -- 2020 film. A 15-year-old young man burning with desire to have sex with another man gets involved with a manipulative and exploitative porn plot. (IMDb)

A film by Marco Berger. Looks interesting. I think it's similar to that Brent Corrigan movie. Will download

The Gold Rimmed Glasses -- 1987 Italian drama film starring Rupert Everett. It follows a Jewish student and a homosexual doctor who suffer persecution in Fascist Italy.

Will download. I'm into historical movies involving Jews ala Schindler's List

The Gold Rimmed Glasses


Beach Rats (2017) -- American drama film. Boring

Taxi zum klo (1981 film) -- the film documents gay culture in West Berlin in the brief moment post gay liberation and before the onset of AIDS, around 1980. Wikipedia

Not much into gay movies revolving around the theme of HIV/AIDS. It's been a cliche to equate gay movies to the disease. I want more good vibes gay movie like Love, Simon.

Lagpas (2010 Pinoy film) -- no summary on IMDb. Will download anyway.

Lagpas 2010 movie


Mala Noche (1986 film) -- (also known as Bad Night) is a 1986 American drama film based on Walt Curtis' autobiographical novel. The film was shot in 16 mm with black-and-white at Portland, Oregon. IMDb

More like an artistic kind of movie. Not my type

The Boys in the Band (2020) -- At a birthday party in 1968 New York, a surprise guest and a drunken game leave seven gay friends reckoning with unspoken feelings and buried truths. IMDb

Looks like a romantic or comedy movie. Not much into this type of gay movie.

Anima Ardens -- a dance choreography featuring fully naked men. Not my type

Moffie (2019 drama film) -- Based on André Carl van der Merwe's book, Moffie (a derogatory Afrikaans term for a gay man) follows the story of Nicholas van der Swart: from a very young age, he realizes he is different. Try as he may, he cannot live up to the macho image expected of him by his family, by his heritage. At the age of 19 he is conscripted into the South African army and finds his every sensibility offended by a system close to its demise, and yet still in full force. Set during the South African border war against communism, this is a long overdue story about the emotional and physical suffering endured by countless young men. IMDb

Looks interesting ala Brokeback Mountain. Downloading right now.

Partners (1982) -- A straight police detective is unnerved when ordered to go undercover with a gay police clerk, as a couple, to solve a series of murders in the gay community. IMDb

Looks like a romantic comedy (rom com) to me. Not my type

Dry Wind (2020) -- The area around Catalan in Brazil's state of Goiás is dry, very dry. Sandro's life here is somewhat monotonous. He works in a fertilizer factory and divides his days between the city club, work, soccer with friends and city parties. He has a purely sexual relationship with his colleague Ricardo. He always seems to be a bit of an outsider, not comfortable in his own skin, not really belonging. When Maicon, a man straight out of a Tom of Finland illustration, shows up in their small town and flirts with Ricardo, his burgeoning feelings of jealousy set a change in motion. IMDb

Based on the screenshots, it's more of club-scened movie. It has BJ scenes, in all its glory. Not my type

No Hard Feelings (German: Futur Drei) is a German drama film, directed by Faraz Shariat and released in 2020. The film stars Benjamin Radjaipour as Parvis, a confidently out but immature gay young man of Iranian descent living in Germany, who commits a minor criminal infraction and is sentenced to perform community service at a refugee detention centre, where he falls in love with new immigrant Amon (Eidin Jalali). Wikipedia 

No offense to my feminine-type, fellow members of the LGBTQIA+ community, but I'm not into movies where the protagonist is a bit... flamboyant.



Detroit Evolution (2020 TV movie) -- It's been one year since Markus freed the androids of Detroit. The most advanced android ever created, Nines, has evolved past his initial programming as a ruthless hunter, and now protects the city as a DPD detective. But as new crimes and dangers start to threaten RK900 himself, he must also juggle his growing fondness for his partner, Detective Gavin Reed, and navigate everything that they mean to one another. IMDb

Looks interesting. I like gay movies where the characters are straight-acting (like Brokeback Mountain). This movie looks interesting.

Detroit Evolution trailer
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