November 2, 2020

Official Trailer: “My Lockdown Romance” (Pinoy BL Series?)

A few days ago, I send a tweet to Jameson Blake asking if he would consider doing a Pinoy Boys’ Love series. He didn’t see my tweet of course. But today, I saw the trailer of “My Lockdown Romance” and it stars one of my favorite actors – Jameson Blake!

[Edit] I got too excited and didn’t notice that it’s actually a film from Star Cinema. (I was really hoping it’s a BL). The film also stars Joao Constancia and it’s directed by Bobby Bonifacio Jr!

From Jameson Blake on his Twitter account: “Streaming WORLDWIDE beginning November 13 for only 150 pesos on the following CineXpress channels: (, Iwant TFC (, IPTV, Cignal PPV (, and Sky Cable PPV (”

My Lockdown Romance My Lockdown Romance Poster


Jameson Blake rides the bandwagon of Pinoy BL Series with “My Lockdown Romance”

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