October 6, 2010

Two Movies

During our very short courtship period of two weeks, Oreo and I just had 2 dates. On both dates, it includes watching films which we both love.

The first movie that we watched was "Final Destination 4". I'm actually a fan of the movie series. At the time that we are deciding what to watch, Oreo wants "Kimmy Dora". I don't know what happened, but we ended up watching FD4. When I got home that day, I actually regret watching the film. I should have gave in to what Oreo wanted. It could have been a more hilarious date.
The 2nd movie we watched was "In My Life". This time, we both enjoyed watching the movie. It was romantic, realistic but a bit sad due to the ending. Nonetheless, we're both happy that we watched this movie. I even watched this 2 more times at home. I imagined our relationship to be like John & Luis: arguments, meeting the parents, lots of decisions involving us, and the simple joys of living together like dinner and bedtime.
Oreo and I both decided to live together next year. It's a year from now and I'm a bit worried and excited to share my life with him. I know it won't be easy, but as long as we both decide on something and we agree, then I don't see any problem. Life is like watching movies: sometimes you watch good films, sometimes it's a bad choice. But the bad choices doesn't stop you from watching another movie.


  1. Pakitanggal n ito, ayoko ng makita p ang pangalang oreo jan.salamat.-oreo-

  2. wala ng love nde n uso yun...

  3. OK lang kahit wala sa uso. 'Di naman ako mahilig sumunod sa uso. I love you pa rin kahit abot-langit galit mo sa 'kin :)

  4. nde nman ako galit dahil wala nmang ikakagalit....