February 12, 2016

The Way He Looks (2014 Film)

It’s been a while since I watched a very good gay-themed movie, like “Shelter” (2007). I just finished watching the Brazilian film “The Way He Looks” (2014 film) and it’s equally magnificent as “Shelter”. I’m not into gay movies that have drugs or too much violence or sex.

“The Way He Looks” is a coming-of-age movie about being blind and in-love. The film stars Brazilian actors Fabio Audi and Ghilherme Lobo. The film’s message is literally, love is blind, both literally and figuratively. It brings back joys of first love and friendship. It’s really a must-watch movie. It’s highly recommended.

The Way He Looks 2The Way He Looks 3The Way He Looks 4The Way He Looks

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