December 6, 2013

911 Is Back!

911 is a British boyband that’s popular in the 90s. Their single Love Sensation was a hit. 911 is in fact my favorite boyband. I even thanked them in my college thesis book for providing us with the background music while we’re doing our book.

911 is composed of the trio, Lee Brennan, Spike Dawbarn and Jimmy Constable. They released 4 albums in the 90s – The Journey, Moving On, There It Is and The Greatest Hits and a Little Bit More. I have all these 4 albums in cassette tapes!

Last September 8, 2013 they released their comeback album called Illuminate. It’s composed of 7 revival songs from their earlier albums and 7 new songs, including 2 Hearts 1 Love and Illuminate.

Right now, they’re busy with their appearances via the TV Show The Big Reunion and they’ll have a tour next year.

Just a trivia about myself – I don’t usually attend concerts and so far, I’ve attended only 2 concerts – one of which is the 911 concert held at The Folk Arts Center in Manila. Yes, they did a concert in the country!

911 poster

2 Hearts 1 Love is from their new album Illuminate.


911 made a comeback via The Big Reunion.


Love Sensation is one of the first MTV of 911 that I saw.

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