May 24, 2011

Justin Bieber

It’s 2:42 AM and I just finished watching Justin Bieber’s movie “Never Say Never”. I was actually cleaning my hard disk of disk space and I’ve been looking at my µTorrent list of movies that I’ve downloaded before that I haven’t watched yet.


“Never Say Never” is actually a good movie. As far as Wikipedia is concern, it’s really a documentary. I have this habit of checking Wikipedia once in a while, when I’m watching a movie. Just to check for facts.

I admire the kid. He has good voice and the people behind him did a great job in promoting him as a teen idol and music icon. It’s not everyday that an artist sold out tickets to New York’s Madison Square Garden. And yes, Justin Bieber was the youngest artist to sold out tickets to this venue.


The movie documented Justin Bieber’s rise to fame, from an ordinary kid growing up in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, to his current status, as a certified hit-maker.

I came across Justin Bieber via his song “Baby” which became my Last Song Syndrome (LSS) way back in January last year. I’m a fan of pop and Justin Bieber’s song got me. I have his My World 2.0 songs in my iTunes.

It’s sad to know that during his Manila concert last May 10, instead of publishing how his concert was a certified sold-out, or how good his music is, people dwelt with his alleged  snobbish behavior. Well, if it’s true, who cares? He has the right to do so, since he’s not someone’s “pet” or property. The only thing you could do (if you get offended by his behavior) is to stop purchasing his CDs or stop attending his concerts.

It’s true with all artist. If you don’t like an artist’s behavior, then stop patronizing the artist, foreign or local. To Justin Bieber, congratulations on your achievement so far. Again, it’s not everyday that an artist like you could sold-out a concert at The Garden.

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