September 29, 2019

YouTuber Luke Korns

Two weeks ago during the transition from one account to another, I discovered YouTuber Luke Korns. He’s originally from Wisconsin USA but now stays at Los Angeles, California. I have so much idle time at the office the past two weeks that I was able to watch all his videos (except the ones in Spanish). He has over a hundred videos.

I don’t usually follow a YouTuber and there are a couple ones I followed including The Adventures of Zach and B, Husband & Husband and Matt & Blue. I never watched all the videos of this favorite YouTuber of mine but when it comes to Luke Korns, man, I was able to watch all his videos. It’s a first for me.

What made me drew to Luke Korns is his gorgeous green-blue eyes, his flawless skin and amazing hair. After watching all his videos, I can definitely say he’s honest, smart, articulate, talented, intelligent, and funny. He is definitely on his way to become a great movie maker.
I like his travel videos the most. He’s quite a smart, efficient and (his words) spontaneous traveler. The first video I’ve ever watch of him is his travel to Boise, Idaho. He threw a dart randomly on a US map and promised to visit where the dart landed. It landed to the potato capital of the USA.

His travel videos are not your usual travel guides. He has his own route that is very different to most tourist travel guides. Plus, he always make it a point to take a dip in a body of water – a lake, river, spring. He already travelled to Norway, Iraq, Lebanon, and even stayed in Lima, Peru for a year.

Other videos I like are his product reviews – like an electronic toothbrush or a dietary lollipop. He even had a video wherein he tried height-enhancing shoes. He’s a bit insecure about his 5’6” height – as well as his “butt” nose and the fact that he looks very young at his age. He has a video wherein he is often mistaken for a 13 year old guy even though he’s already 19 years old.

He’s all over social media so you might as well try to watch his videos to be inspired by his wit and charm.

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